Today I bring to you a natural sports drink that is perfect if you are exercising in these warm days. Some of you  may know that once a month I teach an outdoors yoga class with Marina, my partner in crime at Yogafool. Today the class was especially heated and when I returned home I decided to come up with a juice mix that could help the attending dedicated yogis to recover faster and prevent dehydration.

Watermelon Sports Juice - 1 (1)

Watermelon Sports Juice - 1 (2)

Watermelon is synonymous with summer due to its refreshing qualities. It contains a good dose of electrolytes and has been been shown to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery time in athletes thanks to the amino acid L-citrulline.

Beetroot juice is quite rich in nitrate, a chemical that the body metabolizes into nitric oxide, which has a potent effect on a number of biological processes, including lowering your blood pressure. Some research has also shown that beetroot juice appears to improve performance in endurance exercise.

And since we practice outdoors, I added some carrot juice that would increase your skin’s resistance towards sun damage and a few leaves of mint to relieve any seasonal allergy symptoms in case you have any.


2 cups of watermelon

1 beetroot

1 carrot

8-10 mint leaves

Juice everything preferably in a slow juicer to preserve all the enzymes from the fruit intact.

A word of caution, juicing concentrates the natural sugars in fruits while separating out all the fiber that would normally slow the absorption of sugars. If you drink the juice all by itself, those sugars will be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. This juice as many others, while delicious,  should be consumed in moderation try to drink it during or immediately after exercise, when it is less likely to cause a blood sugar spike.

So go try it and, if you haven’t yet, join us for the next yoga class outdoors! ♡






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