For Day #7 of Meat Free Week I went a bit lazy. I had a lot of bits and pieces in the fridge but not enough of anything to make a full on dish and I didn’t want to go grocery shopping because I was going away for the holidays and needed to empty the fridge. So I went for my favorite solution, The Buddha Bowl, which is just a bunch of leftovers put together with a fancier name.

Spring Buddha Bowl 03

Spring Buddha Bowl 01

For the Buddha Bowl anything goes, veggies, grains, seeds… the more the merrier and the more colorful your bowl is the healthier and prettier.

My Meat Free Week Buddha Bowl consisted in:

– A few pieces of tempeh fried in sautéed in coconut oil with some paprika, nutritional yeast and tamari

– Half avocado

– About six cherry tomatoes

– One cup of Savoy cabbage and one grated apple sautéed in coconut oil with a splash of balsamic vinegar

– A couple tablespoons of Brazil nuts cream

– A tablespoon of sesame seeds


So simple and pure heaven ♡


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