So you made it, you endured and finished your detox program. You feel lighter, healthier, rejuvenated and clean as a shiny new star. But how to keep that sensation for as long as possible? How to enjoy that post-detox glow for months?

1. Don’t go back to bad old habits – Just because the detox is over you don’t have jump back into the french fries and double latte with whipped cream wagon.
Keep drinking your water with lemon every morning. Favor whole foods and plant sources of protein. Watch caffeine consumption and avoid alcohol. Stay away from white sugar and white flour.

2. Keep it clean and simple – Break your detox program by eating easy-to-digest foods. Simple salads, soups and smoothies are your allies.
Have 3 meals per day and try to limit your snacks and only if you are really hungry (and not just plain bored). It is important to let your digestive system rest and relax between meals, this will allow your body to focus in another important functions, like healing, and burn stored fat for energy.

Salada de quinoa e toranga


3. Eat plenty of leafy greens – Leafy greens are low in calories and fat, high in proteins and fibre and are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Favor them in raw form to keep your post-detox good looks.

Salada de abobora menina


4. Add good bacteria – Probiotics play an essential role in maintaining your digestive tract healthy. Pack on fermented foods (kimchi, yogurt, tempeh, miso, kefir…) to keep your intestines functioning properly and at the same time strengthen your immune system.

5. Maintain the detox going – By eating the right foods you can help your body to continue with the detox process. There are plenty of cleansing foods that you can add to your diet: grapefruit, asparagus, ginger, avocados, lemon….These will keep you free of toxins, free of radicals and enjoying longer lasting results.

Salada de manga e tempeh


Enjoy! ♡


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