Strawberry Chia Jam

I can’t get enough of this jam. I am putting it on everything: coconut yogurt, bread with almond butter, pancakes, oatmeal, banana ice cream… It takes less than 5 minutes to make and it will last for about 1 week in the fridge. No sugar, no cooking, no pectin. It is super natural, healthy and delicious!

You can replace the strawberries with any other kind of berries you like. Just make sure to use organic berries as they are part of the Dirty Dozen (the twelve foods with the highest pesticide residue)


2 cups of strawberries (fresh or frozen)

1 Medjool date

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

Put the strawberries and the medjool date  in the blender and blend until getting the consistency you like. If your berries are not juicy enough you can add some filtered water. Transfer the strawberry puree to a bowl and add the chia seeds. Mix it all very well and make sure that all the chia seeds are covered by the puree. Transfer into a glass jar and let it sit in the fridge for about an hour. Amazing! isn’t it?





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