Are you planning a well deserved break in a remote island for Valentine’s day? Don’t let jet lag ruin the fun if you have a few days off.

We all have an internal clock that regulates our daily activities such as sleep, waking up, eating and body temperature. When we travel quickly between time zones, problems readjusting your internal biological clock is what causes jet lag. Jet lag is the result of a desynchronization between our body’s internal clock and the new time zone we are in.

If you suffer from jet lag you will have your sleep-wake patterns disturbed so you might feel drowsy, tired, irritable, lethargic and slightly disoriented.

While jet lag is difficult to avoid completely, there are several tricks that can help you get back in sync with ease:

– Drink plenty of liquids: Keeping hydrated is key so get a large bottle of water and drink during the flight. Caffeine and alcohol are not your friends when it comes to jet lag so skip those cappuccinos and, even if you get an upgrade to first class, stay away from the champagne. Yes, I know it hurts…

– Coconut water: This is our favorite drink while traveling for minimizing jet lag effects. Coconut water is packed with electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium, two elements that help the body remain hydrated. It is low in calories, cholesterol free and quite refreshing.

– Eat cherries: Skip the honey roasted peanuts during the flight and snack on cherries. Cherries are a great source of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant produced naturally by the body, that helps us regulate biorhythms and natural sleep patterns. Eating fresh, dried or juiced cherries will boost the melatonin levels of your body to alleviate jet lat and put you to sleep much faster. You can try our Raw Cherry soup

– Get into the local rhythm: As soon as you arrive at your destination change your routine to the local timetable immediately. It will speed up your body’s clock adaptation to a new environment. Melatonin also has anti-aging properties so you will not only be well rested, you will also look younger.

– Exercise lightly: Light exercise and stretching is more useful to re-tune your body than taking naps so unroll that yoga mat and get moving.

– Get some sunlight: Try to get outside in the sunlight whenever possible. Daylight is a powerful stimulant for adjusting your internal clock and staying indoors will only prolong the symptoms of jet lag. Keeping socially active during the day will help accelerate your adaption.

And enjoy your holidays! ♡





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