If moderation wasn’t exactly in your vocabulary last night and this morning you woke up feeling less than glamorous,  here you have 10 tips than will help you recover your gracious self and and kick the New Year back into your healthy lifestyle.

1 – Liquids: Your body needs to rehydrate in order to recover, so drink plenty of liquids. Water, fruit and vegetables juices, coconut water… are key to replenish your body.

2 – Vitamine C: Eat oranges, clementines, kiwis, papaya… or drink our vitamin C boost smoothie 

3 – Vitamine B: As an antidote for hangover, take a B multivitamin.

4 – Avoid caffeine: One café latte might be acceptable but caffeine will continue to dehydrate your body, which is exactly the opposite of what you want to do at this point.

5 – Avoid taking painkillers: The side effects from ibuprofen,  aspirin and other painkillers can be sometimes magnified when we have alcohol in our system so it is better to be on the safe side and don’t reach for the fast relief.

6 – Take a shower: It will  not make the hangover disappear but it will refresh you and make you feel better instantly. If you are brave enough switch between hot and cold water.

7 – Gentle exercise: Go for a walk, bike ride, do some yoga… anything to sweat those toxins out.

8 – Bananas: Last night when you where drunk and peeing like a racehorse lots of potassium was drained out of your body. Bananas are your best friend today.

9 – Food: Even if this is the last thing that you want to do right now, eating will help you get your energy back. Stick to easy to digest foods such as soup, toast or rice that will settle your stomach.

10 – Sleep: Rest is your ally; your body needs to recover. Shut down the phone, close down those curtains and stay in bed as long as you can.

And remember for next time, the best cure for a hangover is prevention.

May 2014 be your healthiest year ever! ♡






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