For the past three years I’ve been travelling quite a lot because of my job, and while my eating habits are very far from perfect I have been able to collect a few tricks to help me not pass out of a sugar/junk/minibar overdose.

My first advice would be eat frequently and don’t wait until you are starving. When you are hungry as a lion there is a bigger chance that you will pick the wrong foods. At least for me it is really very difficult to say no to that plate of nachos dripping in cheese and guacamole, a basket full of buttery garlic bread and a banana split topped with a ton of cream and hot chocolate sauce when I can hear my stomach roar.

Pack on snacks – Many times when you travel you don’t have access to food at normal intervals so it comes very handy if you have packed in advance a few things in your purse or briefcase. Think of nuts, yogurt and fresh or dried food. Some of my favorites are bananas, dried mango and incan berries covered with raw chocolate.

Keep your body hydrated – And by that we mean, drink lots of water. Your body needs water for all its functions. Drinking will help you flux toxins, keep your skin looking fresh and help you avoid junk food cravings.

Don’t forget your greens – Try to start every meal with a salad or some veggies and load up on leafy greens, they will make you feel full. Choose steamed veggies and always ask for the dressing on the side. To boost your intake of greens pack some green superfood powder with you. I always take with me some individual packets that I can mix up with water or juice. My favorites are Amazing Grass Green Superfood Original.

Take a chill pill – And by that I mean don’t forget about your supplements. I always take with me spirulina tablets, probiotics, digestive enzymes, chlorella capsules, and a multi-vitamin. This way I am still getting nutrients into my body, even if the food I am eating isn’t perfect.

Plan in advance – Check what healthy restaurant options you have in the area. Whenever I travel I always do a search in Happy Cow to see if I can find a good selection of vegetarian, vegan, raw restaurants or supermarkets. It is handy to take a look at the menus online to see what is available.

Most important thing, enjoy the journey, take advantage of discovering new places and don’t obsess about your eating.  You can always get back on track when you return home. ♡










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