During the past few weeks I’ve been trying to re-adjust my body to good healthy habits. Too many lovely dinners out have knocked my eating habits out of balance and I find myself with a few extra kilos and some nasty cravings (french fries? garlic bread? where is that glass of wine?)

I have found out that if I keep my diet clean and I have early light dinners the kilos drop fairly easy (operative word here being “fairly”). So during these hot summer nights I’ve been relaying in cold soups quite a lot. Tired of the more familiar gazpachos and cucumber soups, I have been considering less usual ingredients and since cherries are still going strong around here, they seamed to be the perfect seasonal experiment.

Cherry Soup - 1 (1)

Cherry Soup - 1 (3)

Needless to say that cherries are considered one of the best fruits to cleanse the body due to their concentration of anthocyanins. The anthocyanins are the good colorants present in the tissues of the plants, flowers and fruits, responsible for the cherries red bright colour. These nice pigments are capable of neutralizing free radicals accountable for many degenerative diseases like arthritis, cancer or Alzheimer’s.


3 cups of pitted cherries

1 cup of cashews

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

1 tablespoon of lemon zest

1 teaspon of cinammon

1 teaspon of nutmeg

Chopped dill for garnish


Put all the ingredients except for the dill in a blender and blend away until smooth adding water until achiving the required soup consistency. Put in the fridge for a couple of hours and garnish with dill when serving. Boy! was that easy…

Enjoy! ♡







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