Having the life that you want is in your own hands

Adding new habits, little by little, to your daily routine is the best way to improve your well being and lifestyle. Our 12-week program will guide you through the changes that will make you feel and look better, improving your overall health and making your life happier. THE BLISSFUL LIFE is an innovative online health coaching program that only happens twice a year, so if you want to get notified about the next enrollment, enter your name and your email below to get on the waitlist. Because having more bliss in your life is your responsibility!

What is included in the program?

  • Small lifestyle changes really add up, so every couple of weeks we will guide you and encourage you to add a new habit to your daily life, step by step.
  • Every week you will have access to a new yoga video to start-up or revamp your practice, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, the classes are suitable for all levels.
  • Every week you will have access to a new recording of a guided meditation inspired by a weekly theme.
  • You will also get suggested menu plans with downloadable recipes and shopping lists to help you make better choices regarding your nutrition.
  • As part of THE BLISSFUL LIFE community you will be invited to join a private Facebook accountability group to share your journey, give and receive support and inspiration and help you connect your peers.
  • Weekly music playlists with our favorite tunes get you moving
  • You will have unlimited email support and daily inspiration via social media
  • A new set of tools to help you achieve THE BLISSFUL LIFE you deserve

This program is a 12 week journey, don’t expect it to be easy. You will get out of it as much as you put in. This program is not for you if you want a quick fix and are not willing to make yourself a priority. But if you are really committed to live your life consciously and to the best of your potential, don’t miss this chance and get on the waitlist now!