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The Spring Detox


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Spring is a time for transformation and change. If you are looking for a high impact program that will reboot your metabolism and rejuvenate your cells The Ultimate DIY 5 Day Spring Detox is the program for you.

For 5 days say good-bye to alcohol, coffee, added sugar, processed food, gluten, animal products and soy. And say hello to delicious smoothies, complete salads and nourishing soups.


The Ultimate DIY 5 Day Spring Detox is a complete program that includes:

  • 5 day meal plan with recipes that will support cellular detoxification, improve your digestion and decrease inflammation while keeping you totally satisfied
  • shopping list to make prepping and cooking super easy for you
  • Tips about lifestyle changes like how to start a meditation practice, how to make your own body scrub or the benefits of oil pulling
  • 30+ pages of information with colourful pictures.







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