This is your destination for lots of delicious recipes, lifestyle tips and inspiration towards a holistic, healthy, authentic and happier life. I will share with you my foodlosophy, the things that inspire me and the tools that I have discovered along the way to boost the bliss in my life.

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tinidazole cheap without a prescription Este es el lugar para encontrar muchas recetas deliciosas, consejos sobre estilo de vida e inspiración hacia una vida holística, saludable, auténtica y más feliz. Compartiré contigo mi foodlosophy, las cosas que me inspiran y las herramientas que he ido descubriendo para aumentar la felicidad en mi vida.

Plant-based recipes easy to make for every ocasion⎜Recetas de base vegetal, fáciles de hacer, para cualquier ocasión

ranitidine 150 mg uses Healthy habits that will improve your well-being⎜Hábitos saludables que mejoran tu bienestar

People, places, books and other things that inspire me ⎜ Personas, lugares, libros y otras cosas que me inspiran

Almond Coconut Butter ⎜Mantequilla de Almendra y Coco

I love nut butters, but their prices are so high that I started doing my own some time ago. This time I tried a mix of almonds and dried coconut and added some cardamom pods to add some extra flavour ⎜Adoro las mantequillas de frutos secos, pero son tan caras que hace...

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Cauliflower Fried Rice ⎜Arroz de Coliflor Frito

Trying to get back into healthy habits after the Christmas holidays? I am! And this recipe is a great option if you are craving rice but you don't want to overload in carbs. If you have never tried cauliflower rice, you should really give it a go. The neutral flavour...

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Raw Donuts ⎜Donuts Crudos

It is the sweetest season of the year! I always get into a baking mood when I see that Christmas are approaching but this year decided to go for some raw treats. Someone once told me that if you want to convince someone to start a raw diet, start with the desserts....

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Fall Pumpkin Porridge | Avena de Otoño con Calabaza

A pesar de que el tiempo sigue veraniego, por las mañanas ya se nota el fresquillo otoñal, así que apetece un desayuno un poco mas reconfortante como las papillas de avena. La verdad es que no siempre me levanto con ganas de cocinar pero, si dejas los ingredientes...

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Leek & Quinoa Salad ⎜Ensalada de Puerro y Quinoa

Quinoa is one of my staples in the kitchen. I use it in salads, granolas, porridges or in veggie burgers. It is super versatile and that's why I always try to have a good stock of it. Quinoa is a pseudo-grain, that means that it is cooked like one, it has a similar...

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