This is your destination for lots of delicious recipes, lifestyle tips and inspiration towards a holistic, healthy, authentic and happier life. I will share with you my foodlosophy, the things that inspire me and the tools that I have discovered along the way to boost the bliss in my life.

Este es el lugar para encontrar muchas recetas deliciosas, consejos sobre estilo de vida e inspiración hacia una vida holística, saludable, auténtica y más feliz. Compartiré contigo mi foodlosophy, las cosas que me inspiran y las herramientas que he ido descubriendo para aumentar la felicidad en mi vida.

Plant-based recipes easy to make for every ocasion⎜Recetas de base vegetal, fáciles de hacer, para cualquier ocasión

Healthy habits that will improve your well-being⎜Hábitos saludables que mejoran tu bienestar

People, places, books and other things that inspire me ⎜ Personas, lugares, libros y otras cosas que me inspiran

Pink Smoothie ⎜Batido Rosa

This is quick smoothie recipe that it's filling enough that you can take to the beach instead of lunch and will not give you a sugar blood spike that leaves you in a coma ⎜Esta es una receta rápida de un batido que llena lo suficiente como para que puedas llevarlo a...

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Adaptogenic Chocolate ⎜Chocolate con Adaptógenos

Welcome to the  world of superfoods! Since these miraculous creatures came to the front line of healthy eating, there hasn't been a month when a new food with super powers isn't introduced to us. Maca, lucuma, goji berries, spirulina, chlorella, açai... you name it....

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Almond Coconut Butter ⎜Mantequilla de Almendra y Coco

I love nut butters, but their prices are so high that I started doing my own some time ago. This time I tried a mix of almonds and dried coconut and added some cardamom pods to add some extra flavour ⎜Adoro las mantequillas de frutos secos, pero son tan caras que hace...

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Cauliflower Fried Rice ⎜Arroz de Coliflor Frito

Trying to get back into healthy habits after the Christmas holidays? I am! And this recipe is a great option if you are craving rice but you don't want to overload in carbs. If you have never tried cauliflower rice, you should really give it a go. The neutral flavour...

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Raw Donuts ⎜Donuts Crudos

It is the sweetest season of the year! I always get into a baking mood when I see that Christmas are approaching but this year decided to go for some raw treats. Someone once told me that if you want to convince someone to start a raw diet, start with the desserts....

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